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Grand Targhee Ski Resort Essay

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What is service culture? “Service Culture” is “a shared purpose where everyone is focused on creating value for others inside and outside the organization.” (Ihara, 2011). In this paper, we will discuss how the management of Grand Targhee created a service culture, how fun relates to establishing a service culture and which product Grand Targhee is successful and why. According to the Case Study, you can see that the management of Grand Targhee created service culture based on customer satisfaction. Their target market is aimed to people prefer more individual and personality services. To rely on 4P of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), they made themselves became unique. Product, they know their liabilities and their disadvantages therefore they tried to differentiate themselves. Their disadvantages are firstly, they have 3,000 acres but they only got 4 full-sized lifts, which is half if compared to Jackson Hole’s. Secondly, their location does not allow them to have the development of real estate around their area to attract customer.

However, they created their service culture based on their disadvantages. They have their unique riding program which brought the turnover from $8,000 to $15,000 in three months of seasons. Their services made their customers enjoyed the time they spent in the ski private lessons to have fun and make they feel more confidence about themselves. They help their customers excess what their want which are goods or services that are not necessary but that customer’s desire or wish for. (Monroe County Women’s Disability Network). They make sure their customers are satisfied with the services they provided. It’s obviously that they success with their pricing which worth their services. That’s why 100% their customers come back for seconds. In addition, their promotion campaigns are really good. They sponsored for schools ski programs in local. Their successes with their Kid Programs lead their attractive to more customers for their private lessons services. The Word of Mouth (passing information from one person to another person) is a really powerful tool to advertise their services without any expenses for media.

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If the Kids from schools sponsored joined the Ski lessons and interesting to continue those lessons, they would let their parents know, and their parents would tell their friends too. The factor “fun” relates to establishing a service culture through their programs to their staff morale. They are successful with their Kids programs. It’s obvious that their programs must be really fun so it could attract children and kept them running smoothly. Besides it, the fun factor also involved in their staff morale. They make the job of every single one in the business felt comfortable and enjoy their job. They did not make the pressure on every department; instead, they graded and motivate their staff by performance and payment. That is the reason why they can push the rating of ski patrol from 44% in five years ago to 88% in last year.

The product Grand Targhee focused on to create interaction between the guests and employees is their private Ski lessons. This service is successful because they create the connection and commitment between their staff-customers and themselves. They paid their instructors rely on customer satisfaction and returning business, that will be the large encourage to their staff do their jobs at their best. They motivated their staff, from the parking lot attendants to ski patrol, make them feel they are a part of the establishment. Targhee now can control their services quality at the highest level. Their staff will try as much as they can to excess customers satisfaction. You can see that they are also successful with their effective marketing plan which is when management is communicating effectively with guests, employees, and community leaders. (Brown, 2007).

They made their staff did as they expected. They made customers kept coming back for them. The ski schools from other resorts run as loss leader but not for Targhee. They are more concentrate into their private lessons programs with the good leadership therefore their ski school brought 4.5% of revenue and their net earnings is 30.1%, double to national average. To sum up, Targhee created a service culture very unique. They rely on their customers satisfaction. They make the differentiation between them and others places whom has greater advantages to them. They has an effective marketing plan based their Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion. They know how to develop their potential and turn their disadvantages into their opportunities.

Brown, D. R. (2007). The restaurant manager’s handbook. Ocala: Atlantic Publishing. Ihara, A. (2011, 06 26). Up Your Service. Retrieved 02 04, 2013, from Up Your Service: http://www.upyourservice.com/blog/service-culture/service-culture-what-does-i

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